Williamsport, MD – Yogi Halloween

What a wonderful (but chilly) two weeks at Yogi Bear in Williamsport, MD.  This has been our “go-to” place every year for Halloween when the kids were growing up, and we were camping with the pop-up or the hybrid.  This campground celebrates halloween on five consecutive weekends in Oct, and the festivities are nothing short of spectacular.  It was great that both girls could come up and spend a bit of time up here, and even better that my grandson could spend the entire weekend and experience what a Yogi Halloween is all about.  Here’s a short video to give you a sense of what a Yogi Halloween looks like – hope you enjoy it!

Weekend with AJ

The highlight of the trip was having my grandson AJ camping with me for the weekend.  We had a great time together.  For a lot of the weekend, we simply experienced some of the many camping activities.  This included a trip to the park, ceramics painting, campfires, and even planting a “special” seed that magically grew into a full sized pumpkin overnight.

Sadly, we did have some rainy time too, so for that, we did some indoor or under cover projects.  He worked on and completed the build of a rocket ship, and painted some rocks.  I also shared the matching camping T-Shirts with him that I had purchased prior at another campground.  It was truly a very enjoyable weekend that I hope he will have fond memories of.  I know I will.


Halloween with Family

It was extra special that my nephew Brian, his wife Alana, and their four terrific kids could come up for the day on Saturday to share in the Halloween adventures.  They arrived just shortly before the start of the costume parade, so we all watched and enjoyed all the dressed up kids.  Later, I gave them the tour of the RV, then we sat around the campfire enjoying some snacks and beverages.

Soon thereafter, all the kids got their own costumes together and started the transformation.  Brian & Alana’s children were following the Harry Potter theme, while AJ was some sort of a ninja.  When all were ready, we were off for camper-to-camper Trick or Treating.  Alana volunteered to stay behind for some alone time, so Brian and I took the five kids throughout the park for some candy collection.  Halloween at Yogi has always scored big in this area, and this year was no exception.  After about an hour or so, all the kids accumulated quite a haul of treats.

Sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy – but always adorable!

After the Trick or Treating, we enjoyed BBQ’d burgers and dogs, followed by some S’mores for dessert.  Then about 7pm, the block party started.  There was music and street dancing, along with a collection of party games for the kids to enjoy.  These included ring toss and the all-time favorite crossbow zombie killing.

Fortunately, the rain had stopped around mid afternoon, so we did have a dry event.  However, the temps were in the 50s and later 40s, so the roaring campfire was most appreciated for its warmth.  Again, I really appreciate all who came to participate in the Halloween spectacular, and I truly hope all enjoyed the experience.


Enjoyed Some Visits

Besides the Halloween festivities, I did happen to enjoy the company of some family and friends.  My daughter Sam came up for an afternoon and shared her expertise by providing me with Pokemon Go training.  I have to admit it was fun learning the game, and between you and me, I continued to play some throughout my time here at Yogi.  So I guess this is one I’ll have to add to my collection of things to do while RVing.

I also had the pleasure of hosting dinner with a long-time dear friend Christine, and her significant other Lindsey.  We enjoyed a great meal together, along with a variety of adult beverages.  It was great catching up, and I look forward to keeping in touch.  Lastly, I had the pleasure of dinner with former co-worker Rob, who had actually left GDIT several years ago.  I was so busy chatting with him that I totally forgot to get a picture, so sorry Rob!  We enjoyed some Sushi at a local Hagerstown establishment and got caught up with all that he, and two additional former co-workers that he hired away from GDIT, are all doing.  Happy to hear that things are going very well for him, and the other two former staff.  I wish them all continued success.

Final Thoughts

Well, I’m mostly packed up and ready to depart tomorrow mid morning.  As I bid farewell to my New England and Mid Atlantic family and friends, I’m off to some warmer climate and to continue my travel adventures and visiting with other friends and family.  I will be overnighting in southern VA tomorrow night, then leaving the next morning to arrive at my final destination Longs, SC – in the area of North Myrtle Beach.  I’ll be there for just over two months, and look forward to playing tourist and visiting.  I’m also expecting to finally get my kayak in the water so that I can enjoy some water activity.  Anyway,    I look forward to my next adventure – till then, safe travels!


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  1. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures and video. Looks like so much fun. Hope to connect with you on our visit to Myrtle Beach in late November…

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