Where’s Bruce

May 2021 UPDATE:  Well, times certainly have changed.  We were in the midst of a pandemic, civil unrest was prevalent in many large cities, and frankly being a full-time nomad traveller was just not much fun in 2020.  As such, I had suspended all my travels, and settled into my home base in Lake Wales, FL.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending the winter in FL, soaking up the sun, and being in the company of family and friends (when and where allowed).  While the pandemic has gotten much better and many, including myself, have been vaccinated, things are not yet fully back to “normal” in order for me to resume my full-time adventures.  Staying in FL for the summer was not a desirable option, so I decided instead to spend the summer in MD to enjoy the company of many friends and family, especially my daughters and grandkids.  I’ll be here thru the fall of 2021, at which point I will return to my FL home base for the winter season.  Come the spring of 2022, I’m hopeful that I can then resume my normal nomadic lifestyle, head west, and pick up on my journey where I left off.  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy spending the summer in MD, and later another winter at the FL home base.  Stay tuned for further updates as the future plays out.

Original Plan: Well, my first bit of planning for my retired full-time RV adventure has me going across the United States over the next five years or so, followed by a trip up to Alaska in year six. I’m trying to visit as many people and places as I can on my first pass as practical, without rushing or constantly being on the move. The red icons on the map represent all the National Parks that I plan to visit.  When I’ve completed this journey, I will likely come back across the country, again taking another five years or so, but this time focusing on visiting Canada as much as possible during the spring/summer/fall months. But I get ahead of myself. The map above is a rough outlook for my first six years of retired RV travel.

As I embark upon my full-time RV journey, I’ve been often asked how will we know where you are at any given time?  Well, here lies the answer.  You can click on the itinerary on the right to see a detailed list of my travels for the current year.  Then, through the magic of computers, Google Maps, and the Internet, you will also be able to get a glimpse of where I am as time and travels progress.  The interactive Google map below represents all the places I’ve been so far, my current location, and a look ahead to all the future places for which I have confirmed reservations.  I try to keep my travel planning to about a year in advance, so the map below should reflect my confirmed schedule for the next year.  If you see me going someplace you’ve always wanted to visit, reach out to me and maybe you can come and meet up with me, and we can visit together!

– Current Location
 – Future Location
 – Past Location

(Note: You can click on the icons on the map below for date and campground details of that specific destination)