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Where am I going?

I’ve not departed Fairfax, VA yet, but I’m getting very close. On May 9th, I will setup my RV locally, and begin the move in process out of my apartment. Two weeks later, I’ll hand in my keys and be off and running – leaving May 23rd. I’m getting real excited now as the launch date nears. I pretty much have my full first year of travel all planned out, and reservations all made. Here’s my finalized plan for the first year:

Luv2RV 2018/19 East Coast Travel Itinerary

 Visit my Where’s Bruce page to get a “Real Time” current view of where I am, and where I’m going.

 Beyond my first year, I’ve loosely planned out a 6-year vision to work my way to the west coast, seeing as much as I can see along the way.  I’ll be north in the summers, and south in the winters – trying to avoid the cold as much as possible.  Here’s what that looks like:
So as I make my trek onward, I’ll keep this site updated – sort of like a “Where’s Waldo” site, but instead, “Where’s Bruce”.  Don’t forget to subscribe (see above Right –>) so that you don’t miss a single adventure.  Hope you enjoy it!

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