Mystic, CT – Visit w/ Former CoWorkers

It would be great if I could take credit for coming up with the cool and appropriate little ditty above, but alas I plagiarized it from something I saw on Facebook.  I took a really nice picture of the exceptionally beautiful deluxe campground site I have here at Mystic KOA, and thought the saying was a most appropriate fit for it.  So, away I go borrowing it.  The saying truly represents many of the wonderful benefits of full-time RVing.  I get to take my wonderful luxury accommodations wherever I go, I get to put it on different yards, landscapes, and sceneries, and I have absolutely no responsibility for any of the ground maintenance.  There are few things in life that are any better than this!

Visit with Former CoWorkers

There were two reasons for me making a stop here in Mystic, CT – with the most important one being to reconnect with several of my former coworkers.  Many of them live in this area, while others saw fit to travel here simply to be part of this epic get-together.  To that end, I can say unequivocally that this trip was a huge success.  I hosted a dinner party at the RV for several folks, including my former boss (Mary – take notice that I did not say old boss), several peers with whom I had the great pleasure of working with, and even the Grand Poobah himself – Jim our former CIO, were all in attendance.  We all enjoyed some great Cindy created appetizers, while quenching our thirsts with some frozen Margaritas – made fresh in my mega margarita machine.  Later, we enjoyed a chicken dinner that I whipped up in the Dutch Oven that turned out really good.

As time progressed, we moved on to enjoying many of the fine featured wines that Heidi, our resident sommelier, had chosen and brought for us.  We also dipped into the other wine that Jim brought along as well.  As the sun was setting, we were treated to a roaring campfire that George supplied and built.  You can certainly tell he is a wood burning aficionado.  It was a great fire!

By the end of the night, many of us were just a bit toasty from all the adult beverages – and it’s a good thing we didn’t dig into the hard core liquor that Mary and Jim also brought with them.  Had we done that, I fear everyone would have spent the night in the RV with me.  As it was, Heidi got just a bit too comfy on the couch, and was just about ready to call it a night.  It was a wonderful mini-reunion among coworkers and friends, and I truly appreciate all who attended making it a most notable night to remember.  Thanks all!

My Favorite Restaurant

The second purpose of my trip was to get some great seafood.  I’ve been known to explore lots of restaurants while traveling over the years, and one of my all time favorite places is nearby in Westerly, RI – a place called Sea Goose.  It is so good in fact, that two of my former coworkers and I were on a business trip in the Boston, MA area, and we decided to take a four hour road trip just to eat here.  It’s a seafood place, with great steamed clams, calamari, and lobster nachos appetizers, and wonderful entrees including Shrimp and Grits, Lobster Rolls, and a house speciality and my all time favorite, Sea Goose Seafood Stew (pictured at left – bottom right).  This stew is a tomato based, cioppino-like dish, with all kinds of seafood including shrimp, clams, muscles, scallops, and even a half lobster, resting in a wonderfully delicious broth that tastes great soaked up on their homemade bread (are you hungry yet?).  In fact, this place is so good, I went there by my self on my first day here in CT, then went again a few days later with some former coworkers.  It’s just that good!

Also pictured here is the making and cooking of my dinner party dutch oven chicken dinner.  It’s a terrific one-pot meal with rice on the bottom, then layered with chicken breasts that are wrapped in ham then wrapped in bacon.  That is next covered with carrots, mushrooms, and lastly topped with cream of mushroom soup.  Then, its on the charcoal for a couple hours and there you have it – a terrific chicken dinner.

What’s Next

So, I’m only here in Mystic, CT for one week – which when translated into retired full-time RV terms means – Very Short and Quick.  This week literally flew by, and shortly I’ll be pulling up my tent stakes (well, virtually anyway) and moving to my next stop – Hershey, PA.  There, I’ll meet up with my great friend Tom, and he and I will spend several days oohing and ahhing at all the shiny new RVs at the Hershey RV Show – known as the largest RV show in the country.  He and I have been going to this show together for the past 20+ years.  With that much experience in the local area, we will also be partaking of some of our favorite eating establishments that we always make it a point to visit each and every year.  Really looking forward to checking out all the new toys.  Just need to leave my checkbook and credit card at home!  Till next time, safe travels!

10 thoughts on “Mystic, CT – Visit w/ Former CoWorkers

  1. That dutch oven chicken dinner sounds awesome. I’m thinking maybe it will work in a crockpot? David is getting to be quite the crock pot chef, so we may give it a whirl! Safe travels to your next destination. Love reading the blogs. Can’t wait to see you this winter here in Florida!

  2. Looks like great fun. I bet it was so much fun spending time with some very special former coworkers. :-). Love your blog. Great pictures. Hope we can have a get together in VA soon.

  3. So after the adult beverages did the ex-CIO tell you any stories about what was happening behind the scenes while you were slaving away in your cubicles?

  4. I hope you told everyone I said hi! You are definitely enjoying retirement. Seeing the former (and much nicer) corporate management must have been fun. Everyone looks great and I’m sure everyone had a great time. Toys

    One and only Rugrat.

  5. Bruce,
    I am jealous of your visit to Sea Goose. I’ve never been there, but it certainly sounds like a restaurant that good ol’ Fairfax could use! Your web page is really cool!

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