Gettysburg, PA (May 23 – Jun 20, 2018)

1st Stop – Gettysburg, PA

Well, I’m just over half way through my first official stop as a newly retired, full-time RVer.  I arrived in Gettysburg, PA back on May 23rd, and have been settled here for two and a half weeks.  While I’ve been here, it has rained about 75% of the time.  I can certainly appreciate having a sizable and comfortable RV to hunker down in with all the showers and thunder storms.  In fact, one storm dumped so much rain in such a short period of time, my RV site was temporarily upgraded to water front!


But the weather has not stopped me from catching up on projects, or having some fun.  During the breaks in the weather, I had the pleasure of visiting and walking around Gettysburg, and also hosting a couple of dinners with friends and family.  My sister-in-law, along with her mother and sister, came out for a nice lasagna dinner on Memorial day.  I’d like to say they came up solely to visit with me – truth is, they came up for a Pokemon Go event as well.  Oh well, I’m glad they stopped by and I’m always happy to have them visit!  Yesterday, the Redman’s, some dear camping friends I had not seen since camping with them back in 2008 or so, came up for the day.  We grilled up some steaks and baked potatoes, and finished with a fresh strawberry and cherry dutch oven cobbler (thanks for bringing the fruit).  It was terrific spending time and catching up with them, and I hope to see them again soon (maybe sooner than 10 years?).  Also, I’ve met up with my good friend Tom on a couple of occasions to do some shooting range practice at a local firing range, and also exploring some of the fine dining Gettysburg has to offer.  Always great hanging with him.  So, I’ve been thoroughly blessed with having the company of many friends and family while here in PA.  Thanks to all who have ventured there way here for a visit.


I have made pretty good progress on many of the projects I’ve had on the list around the RV – both inside and outside.  On the inside, I’ve done some decorating – adding my MD and VA Luv2RV license plates to the wall, installed a towel rack in the bathroom, and installed the mag knife holder by the stove.  Seemingly small tasks overall, but makes the RV much more functional and ads a bit of decor.  I also completed projects on the outside including installing the rear observation/backup camera along with the custom installed cut off switch (Grand Design thought it best to have the camera powered 24×7 – which seemed silly to me, so I fixed it).  I also installed a keyless lock on the outside storage door.  I’ve got one more keyless handle for the other side too, but that install will take a bit more work, so it remains to be done.

I’ve still got plenty on the “to-do” list including the installation of the under-carriage sewer hose storage unit, and the WiFi and Cellular antenna and booster systems.  Just need to get a few days of nice weather during the week, and I can get these knocked out.  Hoping they will be done soon!

What’s Next?

I’ve got about 10 days left here in PA before I head up to the Finger Lakes of NY.  I’m looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day with the girls next Sunday.  I also plan to visit the Race Car Museum, and spend another day or so touring around Gettysburg.  I would also like to get my remaining projects done before I leave for my next stop.  I also still haven’t washed or waxed either the truck or RV – just been too darn wet.  That chore may have to wait until I’m in NY.

Till next update, be well and safe travels!

3 thoughts on “Gettysburg, PA (May 23 – Jun 20, 2018)

  1. Sounds like you are doing great Bruce. So happy for you!! Rain seems to be the theme everywhere for the last month….we have had tons here in the Orlando area. Our ponds and lakes are overflowing!! RV looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see it when you come to Florida this winter….enjoy your travels and keep blogging….love reading them.

  2. Looks like FUN, Bruce! Maybe you could mount a canoe on top of the RV, in case you get too much rain!!! Enjoy hearing bout your progress and look forward to seeing you in July (NO Rain allowed in Vermont for your visit !)

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